Authority in the age of the amateur

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Retrieved 26 March As long as a qualified operator is actually operating adjusting the controls, etc. That you ask what, in any case, can be done, is too facile and hilarious to really try and answer. However if the author also implies that amateur software developers are also in the gutter then I say thank you for amateur software developers, because without them we would not have the countless thousands of top quality and excellent programs that far exceed the standards laid down by the software giants of today. Once this new freedom has had a chance to influence our process of maturing maybe we will see a society that can benefit from the input of all, and not the traditional bias and vested interest of the few.

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One is left asking the age old question 'what's the difference between a duck' and the obvious answer is 'one of it's legs are both the same'.

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Amateur radio operator

God saves this country from barbaric leaders! This is the result of anti-elitism. The book's author is against of freedom of speech and nostalgic of censorship times[the Lord Chamberlain's fan]. As for his comments on YouTube and the demise of 'cultural gatekeepers', these suggest to me a humourless elitist! The AOCP A syllabus and related examination reflects the knowledge, skills and experience required to safely assemble and operate an amateur station at the highest level without interference to other users and services. So long as an old media entity produces content and makes it accessible in as many ways as possible, they will continue to be a powerful voice in our society. How can the truth be seen if the main stream media is control by the government and the truth is distorted???

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authority in the age of the amateur
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authority in the age of the amateur
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