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I'm 100 sure the usb-device is correct.I bought an Arduino Uno recently.I was editing a program, continously uploading and testing it, when I clicked the "Serial Monitor" button so I could debug (which had worked fine just minutes ago).Instead of seeing that Blink..
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Service check timeout nagios critical

service check timeout nagios critical

Got a little bit of a problem with a Nagios system we are using in our office, which has only recently started appearing.
Basically at random points throughout the day and on random hosts / services we will get a Critical warning flagged up that something is not behaving as it should, when we investigate 9 times out of 10 we end up with this as an error.
After define command command_name check_nrpe command_line user1/check_nrpe -H hostaddress -c ARG1 -t 20, there are also other commands that support the -t parameter!If you are using, nagios as your Infrastructure Monitoring Tool, i am sure you have already seen or got the error.Nagios failed to get the reply from the host being monitored in certain amount of time.I'm getting, critical - Socket timeout after 10 seconds for a check_http -H m -f follow -u /abc/def check, which used to work fine.No other services are reporting this problem.So I ended up chasing down this error today, and after that I have to say it was quite simple.Host: m, critical - Socket timeout after 10 seconds.

Before define command command_name check_nrpe command_line user1/check_nrpe -H hostaddress -c ARG1.
We can do this by adding a parameter to a specific command defined in g file on your.
If checks exceed this limit, they are killed and a critical state is returned.
As it turns out, Nagios got an additional setting controlling these things, called service_check_timeout which defaults to 60 seconds.Socket timeout after 10 seconds, we can fix this by increasing the, socket timeout value from the default 10 seconds to lets say.Usually I ended up increasing the cscript timeout, or the nsclient socket timeout, but it still kept showing.Ive game gratis offline pc read that some of the plugin timesouts are as low as 10 seconds.Nagios configuration How to configure Nagios post.Also, doing a check_http -H m -f follow works just fine,.e.By default, nagios, socket timeout is set to 10 seconds which means,.There is often widespread confusion as to what this option really does.Critical Socket timeout after 10 seconds.