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Pointer in c by yashwant kanetkar pdf

pointer in c by yashwant kanetkar pdf

Assumes you have a good grasp of C to start with.
Composite/Structured Design - Glenford.
Very lucid and clear; will probably make you want to throw away all of your other algorithms books and keep this one.
C in a Nutshell - Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford (2005).
The new C standard - an annotated reference (Free PDF) - Derek.Rationale for C99 Standard, object-oriented Programming with ansi-C (Free PDF) - Axel-Tobias Schreiner, c Interfaces and Implementations - David.Barnes, Tim Ring, Tony Bai, VMAtm.Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets - Peter van der Linden (1994).Various versions of the C language standards can be found here.Pointers on C - Kenneth Reek, pointers in C - Naveen Toppo and Hrishikesh Dewan.Basically, Hanson took all the code he'd written as part of building.Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective (3rd Edition) - Randal.Very good, but the C style pre-dates standard C, which makes it less recommendable these days.Hanly and Elliot.C Pocket Reference (O'Reilly) - Peter Prinz and Ulla Kirch-Prinz.Computer Programming: An Introduction for the Scientifically Inclined - Sander Stoks (2008).

The comments on style are found in the last part (Chapter 6 and beyond).
Gives you a real grasp of implementing algorithms.
There are (at least) three publications of the standard, one from 1998, one from 2004, and one from 2012, where the last is the currently active, relevant save the forest book one.
This is a good cookbook-like approach suggested.Covers C89 and C99.Algorithms in C - Robert Sedgewick.Most of these don't look to be on the main site anymore, and you can't browse that by subject anyway.Essential C (Free PDF) - Nick Parlante.Great on pointers, pointers to functions, and a variety of advanced topics, such as how stuff is stored in memory, dynamic memory, stack usage, function calling, parameter passing, etc.Great book about scientific use of programming languages.An enjoyable way to learn.The "new standard" referred to is the old C99 standard rather than C11.C: A Reference Manual (5th Edition) - Samuel.