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Stiles has never put on an unintentional pound in his life. Do you need to get your eyes checked? After a moment, Stiles thinks to call after him, "Hey, it was nice meeting you! To be honest, if it came to it, he would take less money to get his contract renewed. Does he have a mustard stain on his shirt? It's at least ten pounds, which is a little more than the two or three pounds he'd assumed it was. Teen Wolf TV Relationships:

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The page he has open is highlighted in six colors.

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You know he only does Classics, anyways. But he can lose whatever few pounds he's gained, easy. Muscular thighs fill out his jeans. He hasn't had ketchup, either, for that matter. And if the fabric of his shirt does bunch a little around his waist, that's normal, right? He has so many. And if the buttons do look a little strained that's

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