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If the story is about a person;'s butt or genitalia; yes be sure and have that in the movie. Don't let others control your development. There's something wrong when we have problems to be filmed naked but it doesn't matter if our character has to kill persons in a film. Believe me I had to excuse my self from auditioning because the character had crazy love scenes. I have been fortunate in that regard. Silke' Renate Lienhardt 6 years ago. Jim DeVault 6 years ago.

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Chandler was wearing his shirt, boxer shorts and socks but Rachel and the other seemed to be discussing the situation as if he was naked ISTR Rachel was discussing the size of his manhood and made a deal where she agreed to exaggerate it.

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10 Actors’ Responses to Their Incredibly Awkward Nude Scenes

Perhaps you can wait until you are offered a part with nudity, than talk to them. It's NOT your character. I am comfortable with implied nudity and sexual circumstances, but I will only show naked back and side boob to camera etc. P And now, back to the writing. Heck, i might decide the day we shoot that scene that I dont want to show the character naked and only simulate it. If you have several movies to your credit that may not matter.

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