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Damon grunted again and the withdrew from her. She left in a rush but she came back, she was drawn to both of them and this new danger thing called to her. They looked at me like I was on something, but I was serious. He claimed her lips with a desire that made her body sing. Somehow it didn't bother her that they were vampires. Stefan rubbed his hand over her ass first and moaned before bringing his hand down to slap her.

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He licked his tongue around her other fold and pulled it into his mouth.

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So Hot It Hurts! The Vampire Diaries’ Steamiest Hookups of All Time

She could tell her legs to stay but they would get up and walk over to the boarding house the vampire brothers lived at anyway. She knew how to push his buttons. Stefan came and sat on the other side of her. Between the drinks and the sheer intoxication of being in between the two stars of all her dreams she found herself grinding into Damon's leg. He looked down at her and she licked her lips hungrily. Wondering what in the hell why would Damon need a blindfold. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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vampire diaries girls sexy and wet
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