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I think that's something with black families, too - you obey your parents, and if they tell you to do something you just do it, you don't question it, because they are your elders and they are your parents. It was something that just kind of happened. There is absolutely no sign of her wanting her amplifier blown out. But Janet Jackson was never destined for a normal life. We have just been talking about how Jackson's singing voice has got deeper with age, and before she leaves the room she says, almost as an afterthought: He started talking to Warner Bros. My parents are very competitive, so we are very competitive as kids.

She says that eating toffee apples makes her happiest, and that when she is on tour she likes nothing better than getting in her pyjamas to host 'sleepovers' with her dancers, playing softball games or hiring out bowling alleys for the crew.

'I've finished talking about Michael. I've done it all my career.'

Would you comment on tensions between Nancy and former Virgin President Phil Quartararo and other executives? When she first says hello, it is in a voice so quiet that it might conceivably only be heard clearly by bats or dogs trained to respond to supersonic whistles. At 14, her father decided Jackson should launch her own music career 'He felt there was more money in music than in film,' she says, matter-of-factlybut it was not until she dropped him as her manager in that her solo career truly began to take off, with the platinum-selling albums Control and Rhythm Nation. Nancy Berry declined to be interviewed, though she was aware of the questions her husband was asked: It's not OK to do that. Does she feel she missed out on childhood? Sometimes the tensions involve Nancy.

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