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And 3 You are a bitch a uppity cock hungry bitch! It had about 8 nightclubs on the main strip including 2 gay clubs and he informed me that his area is well known for DL tourist coming there to hook up with bottoms because niggas in his town known for being thick with athletic hips and big booties! I went to my room to get the weed annoyed by now at this little bitch. We exchanged numbers cause he likes to smoke weed. It was birthday week and I was just cool meeting new people and having time off from work since my night life has no days off.

Lucky i had on a condom for real that time.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He looked at it in amazement and awe. She can do no wrong! But giving him some throat action? I found out when i went to apologize and give her a hug she grabbed the waist of my sweats and hauled it out and almost lost herself when she laid eyes on it. And i did just that! He bent over and he bent at the waist not the knees putting his now bigger,wider bubble butt right in front of me giving me instant thought to show this nigga to not put his ass up.

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