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Mac os x window manager linux

mac os x window manager linux

What made this decision even easier is that both Unity and gnome Shell have window placement hotkeys out of the box.
I should be able to white noise horror game configure some additional hotkeys to launch apps as well.
I tried searching freash meat but.Gnome Shell also had an extension to hide the top bar, something that doesnt seem to be possible with Unity.At the time, I was running xmonad as my primary desktop environment and was dabbling with the then, fairly new.Eventually it would just decide its not hidden anymore and windows would be behind the panel.Those two things were my biggest must-haves during the transition.

Right now, Im primarily running gnome Shell.
It was a pretty painful process as I had a decent amount of muscle memory banked for xmonad and OS X at the time didnt have any way to snap windows natively.
I had dabbled with some tiling window managers ( i3wm and awesomewm specifically) initially since I was a big fan of xmonad back in counter strike 1.6 non steam setup the day.Unity has always giving me shit when trying to hide the panel.The luxor quest game for pc concept of separate isolated windowing system, window manager, and desktop manager are concepts used by Linux and other Unix systems.I3wm captivated me and there is a way to hide the status bar with a hotkey.To be fair, I havent done much research on how to configure the Activities view more to my liking.It is difficult to divide Mac OS X into those pidgen holes.So what did I end up settling on?