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Il-2 1946 patch 4.13

il-2 1946 patch 4.13

Default.0 #define crtscanlineGaussian 1 /0 or 1 Use the "new nongaussian scanlines bloom effect".
Default.5 #define crtcornerSize.0100 /0.0000.0020 Higher values, more rounded corner.
Team :57 PM by, music 1,447 340,273 daidalos.#define FilmGrain_SNR 6 /0 to 16 Higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio values give less grain to brighter pixels.Daltonize settings / heated by j kenner epub ' / #define Daltonize_type 1 /123 Type of colorblindness.Updated MiG-3 default skins (that old 3D model sure has aged).Default.001 #define crtdistance.00 /0.00.00 Simulated distance from viewer to monitor.#define USE_splitscreen 0 /0 or 1 Splitscreen : Enables the before-and-after splitscreen comparison mode.Splitscreen settings / ' / #define splitscreen_mode 1 / Vertical 50/50 split, 2 Vertical 25/50/25 split, 3 Vertical 50/50 angled split, 4 Horizontal 50/50 split, 5 Horizontal 25/50/25 split, 6 Curvy vertical 50/50 split /.fxaa Anti-aliasing settings / ' / #define fxaa_quality_preset 9 /1 to 9 Choose the quality preset.Users don't need to mess with this.0 disables this feature.HDR settings / ' / #define hdrpower.33 /0.00.00 Strangely lowering this makes the image brighter #define radius2.87 /0.00.00 Raising this seems to make the effect stronger and also brighter /.Higher values makes the image softer/blurrier.

Same as above but for the depth edge detection.
#define Vibrance_RGB_balance float3(1.00,.00,.00) /-10.00.00,-10.00.00,-10.00.00 A per channel multiplier to the Vibrance strength so you can give more boost to certain colors over others /.
Default is 0 (Luma) #define Curves_contrast.15 /-1.00.00 The amount of contrast you want / - Advanced curve settings - #define Curves_formula 2 / The contrast s-curve you want to use.Fly with the famous 3rd Pursuit Squadron of the American Volunteer Group, the "Hell's Angels".The time now is 12:07.(may cause clipping) #define USE_vibrance 0 /0 or 1 Vibrance : Intelligently saturates (or desaturates if you use negative values) the pixels depending on their original saturation.LumaSharpen settings / ' / / - Sharpening - #define sharp_strength.95 /0.10.00 Strength of the sharpening #define sharp_clamp.035 /0.000.000 Limits maximum amount of sharpening a pixel recieves - Default.035 / - Advanced sharpening settings - #define.Latest file:Nov 7, 2017, the files in this folder are intended for use with the original version of IL-2 Sturmovik Version.2.In fact I think the difference might only be due to rounding errors.#define Technicolor2_Saturation.7 /0.0.5 Additional saturation control since technicolor tends to oversaturate the image.#define Ascii_background_color float3(0, 0, 0) /0 to 255, 0 to 255, 0 to 255 What color the background should.#define USE_sepia 0 /0 or 1 Sepia : Sepia tones the image.