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Glee season 4 episode 16

glee season 4 episode 16

In Season 2's Auditions, Sunshine and Rachel start a duet of "Telephone" before Sue barges into the bathroom and tells them to shut.
Holiday Volunteering : Sue attempts to recruit homeless shelter volunteers for Christmas hoping to get the Glee Club.
In season one there's the Rachel/Finn/Quinn/Puck/Kurt relationship with Rachel and Puck dating briefly and Santana and Brittany trying to seduce Finn into a menage a trois, then there's the Terri/Will/Emma/Ken grouping.
Well-Intentioned Extremist : Sue freely admits she's one.A combination of Real Life Writes the Plot and Actor Existence Failure, the death of Finn Hudson in Season.In "Asian F Figgins once again mentions Tina's supposed vampirism.However, they are often featured just as prominently as the main cast in several episodes in which they do appear.Screw This, I'm Outta Here!They don't just tell stories, they transport us to other worlds.

Emma yells at Will for being such a skank and doesn't beat around the bush about.
Also in Season 5, the Glee club loses at Nationals and Glee club is forced to disband forever, or so we thought.
French pc wont boot up in safe mode Jerk : The lead singer of Throat Explosion in season 5, Jean-Baptiste, who may or may not be French but who frequently use french words and invokes this trope, is this in spades.In season two's Regionals, Kathy Griffin plays a wildly over-the-top Tea Party member (and blatant Sarah Palin/Christine O'Donnell Expy ) who dealt with losing her nomination by tweeting that Obama is a terrorist.Schue, if I may." Holly: "I thought you'd never ask." Catholic School Girls Rule : Rachel, though not actually a Catholic schoolgirl, once dressed like one as Homage to Britney Spears.Blaine, Tina, Brittany and former Vocal Adrenaline lead, Unique, are in competition to decide who's the new leader, or "The New Rachel." Back in New York, Rachel settles in at nyada, uncomfortable with Cassandra July 's dance lessons and befriends an upperclassmen, Brody Weston.Evil Versus Evil : The rivalry between the football team and the hockey team sometimes comes across like this, especially with the more jerk-ish members of the teams.Marley's Wall Flower (later Woman Fierce) is Wonder Woman.The choreography is an homage to the original staging from "Pilot" and "Journey while the members of New Directions (past and present) enter the stage in the order of their joining the Glee club.Singles: " vice city cheat codes pc Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane) " (Kurt, Rachel, and Santana " Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree " (Will and New Directions " Mary's Little Boy Child " (Marley, Tina, Unique " The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) " (Kurt, Rachel, and.The 13th episode (which was as many as they had confirmed at first) was specifically written to be decent enough series finale if they got cancelled.The season introduced several new characters, such.