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Game dream chronicles 3

game dream chronicles 3

Treehouse, bedroom, in the after effects cs5 portable Bedroom you will need to find: Your dream journal, a jug of water, a small key.
After preparing the Memory Recovering Potion, a drawer in the kitchen table opens and gives you a symbol.
Hints : Click the crystal ball for hints.
Go back to the forging device.
Use the hammer to smash the scarecrow, then pick up the pumpkin pieces.Open the final gateway and go through.Add the 3rd and 4th mat pieces to complete the mat.Return to the telescope room.Once you get inside you need to walk down the hallway.Cross it and go through the gateway.There are 3 buttons on the door, each one moves 2 symbols.Head back into the nexus and you will notice a new lever.Head into the room on the right.Crystal Ball : The ball is used for communication throughout the game, anything important will be added to your dream journal.Go back outside and get another planet, then go back to the forging device and find another 4 planets and a telescope lens.

Look at the table, and place the plates, cups and spoons in position (note the 3 different shapes for each items, they must match each other and the symbols on the table itself).
Lilith's Retreat In Lilith's Retreat you will need to find: 6 gold nuggets.
Place this in the middle door. Yes, I know the one you mean.Attach your 6 windmill blades to the broken windmill, then add the bolt to hold them in place.Fill in the 4 words (lavender, heated, bitter, strong then head out to the garden.Nexus Gate, find 6 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel.Enter the observatory Observatory In the observatory you will need to find: 2 metallic objects.Forging Area Forging Device At the Forging Device you will need to find: 5 Dream Pieces, 2 logs.Once youve found them, sort them onto the tree stump and a rock bridge will appear.