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Excel 2010 compare two sheets for duplicates

excel 2010 compare two sheets for duplicates

You can use this column to filter the data set, as follows: Click the Data tab and then click Filter in the Sort Filter group to display dropdowns for each column.
Enter the formula countif(A1:C10,A1)3.
Sub CompareInColor lue lue, for i 1 To Len(lue) If (aracters(i, 1).Text aracters(i, 1).Text) Then aracters(i, 1)lor RGB(255, 0, 0).The other records share common values in columns A and B, but not. .It will return an Error if there is no match.For example, use this formula countif(A1:C10,A1) 3 to highlight the names that occur more than 3 times.For instance, the two data sets shown below share only one duplicate record, row.Dim F1_Workbook As Workbook, F2_Workbook As Workbook.Dim iRow As Double, iCol As Double, iRow_Max As Double, iCol_Max As Double.Because we selected the range A1:C10 before we clicked on Conditional Formatting, Excel automatically copies the formula to the other cells.Open(File1_Path) eets(1).Cells(6, 2) F1_unt 'With F1_Workbook object, now it is possible to pull any data from it 'Read Data From Each Sheets of Both Excel Files Compare Data.Assume data in Sheet1, Column A, and another list in Sheet2, Column.To help you learn this technique, sample Excel worksheets are available).If you can use a helper column, you can use the match function to test if a value in one column exists in another column (or in another column on another worksheet).

If F1_Data F2_Data Then, f1_eets(ShName).Cells(iRow, iCol)lor vbYellow eets(1).Cells(7 sh, 2) "Mismatch Found" eets(1).Cells(7 sh, 2)lor vbYellow, end.
In this case, use the helper column and set your formatting rule in column A like: B1"Duplicate game global defence force for pc this screenshot is from the 2010 UI, but the same rule should work in 2007/2003 Excel).
Select 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format'.
Go here to remove duplicates.Something like: NOT(iserror(match(A1, 'Sheet2'!A:A,false for Excel 2007 and prior, you cannot use conditional formatting rules that reference other worksheets.Similarly, you'd deselect 1 to display your non-duplicate records and select Select All to view them all.Explanation: countif(A1:C10,A1) counts the number of names in the range A1:C10 that are equal to the name in cell.Click the dropdown for column.Thus, cell A2 contains the formula countif(A1:C10,A2)3, cell A3 countif(A1:C10,A3)3, etc.