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Emacs news ticker html

emacs news ticker html

Newsticker provides several commands for reading headlines, navigating through them, marking them as read/unread, hiding old headlines etc.
The subgroup newsticker-plainview-hooks contains hook which apply to the plainview reader only.
Author Newsticker is written and maintained by Ulf Jasper.
They can be changed with Emacs customization methods: Call the command customize-group and enter newsticker for the customization group.Newsticker-new-item-functions allows for automatic processing of headlines.Download Please visit the download page at Savannah for downloading the stable version and the Texinfo manual.Newsticker-miscellaneous contains other Newsticker options.Calling newsticker-stop will stop the periodic download, but will call newsticker-stop-ticker as well.El an "Atom aggregator", "RSS reader", "RSS aggregator", and "Feed Reader".Here is its project page: ngnu.Requirements, newsticker can be used with, gNU Emacs version.1 or later as well.Please note that newsticker's development now takes place directly in Emacs CVS repository.

If you just want to start the periodic download of headlines use the command newsticker-start.
The plainview reader uses a single buffer, the treeview uses separate buffers and windows.
Newsticker-ticker contains options that define how headlines are shown in the echo area,.e.RSS formats: as well as the following, atom formats: That makes water boy and fire girl game Newsticker.Headlines can be displayed as plain text or as rendered html.Newsticker should work with the following.This is either done using Emacs' built-in download capabilities or using an external tool.Installation If you are using GNU Emacs 22 or later you can skip this section newsticker is already installed on your system.All Newsticker options have reasonable default values, so that in most cases it is not necessary to customize settings before starting Newsticker for the first time.