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Anders rum umstellen kann.Und im bios finde ich nichts,wo ich von IDE auf ahci bzw.Es ist aber keine original cd gewesen.Danach kam es immer zu der stelle wo grad die installation durchgeführt wurde, letzte 32 minuten und kam es immer zu abstürtzung.Sylvi36, alpha13...
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Directory opus 64 bit

directory opus 64 bit

Checks that Adobe Reader's preview handler is associated with PDF files.
) Thanks to Jonathan Van Dusen for pointing out that the preview handler fix is still needed, even after Adobe Reader.3.2, for people who upgraded from Vista to Windows.
Is still broken, out of the box, on 64-bit systems.The change is described below and a small program which performs the fix is also provided for your convenience.For licensing, inquire today.(Thanks to GPSoftware for signing the exe for.) Additional notes on the preview handler fix tool: The preview handler fix should no longer be required for Adobe Reader.3.2 and above except if you had previously installed Adobe Reader on Windows Vista and then.History of the thumbnail fix: v (09/Apr/2011 (Public release 02/May/2011.) This hopefully fixes yet another problem in Adobe's thumbnailer which caused PDF thumbnails for files in a folder to get jumbled.

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It looks like it thinks it's in ActiveX design mode or something.
There are a few other things wrong with your PDF preview handler that should be fixed: It doesn't correctly respond to or call in response.
(And yet, I keep giving them so much money.) (This is not to mention the constant stream of security issues in Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash, Adobe management thinking that releasing patches every three months is a fast response (faster than when they were even.
Adobe Reader was originally used instead of the preview handler because of various issues with the preview handler.
You can also do this by editing the PDF file-type in the registry.The thumbnail bridge acts as a translator between the 32- and 64-bit worlds and does not actually generate the thumbnails itself; it still relies on Adobe Reader to do that.UpdateStar includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You do not need to apply the fix to make PDF viewing work in newer versions of Directory Opus.(Update: MS also fixed the retail (RTM) version of Office 2010 so it no longer requires this extra step.) Thanks to Alex Bantzhaff for getting in touch after he noticed that the installer for Adobe Reader.3.2 incorporated the preview handler registry fix.Maybe in 2011 Adobe will manage to fix the thumbnails as well; until then you can get my fix for them below.