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Digital electronics interview questions pdf

digital electronics interview questions pdf

Sanfoundry Global Education Learning Series Digital Circuits.
If we use an AND gate to inhibit a signal from passing one ftalk offline installer for of the inputs must be a) LOW b) high c) Inverted d) Floating View Answer Answer: a Explanation: AND gate means A*B and OR samrat ashoka story in hindi pdf gate means AB and to inhibit means.
Answer: Tie one of xor gates input to 1 it will act as inverter.
Answer: It states that, while taking the samples of a continuous signal, it has to be taken care that the sampling rate is equal to or greater than twice the cut off frequency and the minimum sampling rate is known as the Nyquist rate.
A) AND gates b) OR gates c) NOT gates d) nand gates, view Answer, answer: c, explanation: A transistor can be used as a switch.Given only two xor gates one must function as buffer and another as inverter?Answer: The process of obtaining a set of samples from a continuous function of time x(t) is referred to as sampling.For a nand gate two inputs are cd cover template pdf required and one output is obtained means for nand gate 3 pin connections are required.Asynchronous reset: The biggest problem with asynchronous resets is the reset release, also called reset removal.

The clock works as a filter for small reset glitches; however, if these glitches occur near the active clock edge, the Flip-flop could go metastable.
Another advantage favoring asynchronous resets is that the circuit can be reset with or without a clock present.
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Answer: A stopband is a band of frequencies, between specified limits, in which a circuit, such as a filter or telephone circuit, does not let signals through, or the attenuation is above the required stopband attenuation level.A synchronous reset is recommended for these types of designs because it will filter the logic equation glitches between clocks.You May Also Like To Visit This Section.Hope you are satisfied with this page of Digital Electronics Interview Questions as our team members m has provided Digital Electronics Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download link, Digital Electronics Basics Interview Questions PDF and Digital Electronics Interview Questions For Freshers at the above section.How to achieve 180 degree exact phase shift?Disadvantages of synchronous reset: Problem with synchronous resets is that the synthesis tool cannot easily distinguish the reset signal from any other data signal.How many nand circuits are contained in a 7400 nand IC?How can you convert an SR Flip-flop to a JK Flip-flop?It means (0*10 or 1*00) we will get low output signal.