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City hunter korean episodes

city hunter korean episodes

Yoon-sung: The cruel revenge that requires me to shoot my biological father do you think I could carry that out and live well?
Yoon-sung is called in to his office, and for a moment both father and son look at each other, both knowing the truth but pretending not.
Jin-pyo says calmly that Chun was the one who killed Young-ju, but Yoon-sung counters, Youre no different from Chun Jae-man.Nana has been keeping watch with the bodyguards outside, but picks up on a strange noise and heads off in search of the potential trouble.At the military cemetery, a large memorial has been erected to honor the memories of the 21 valiant soldiers who died for their country, the first two names being Lee Jin-pyo and Park Mu-yeol.Girlfridays comments Not a perfect finale or a perfect show by any means, but damn was it gripping all the way till the end.Now Im glad Kim Yong-shik is alive, because waking up to find that his cohort-in-crime killed his son?

Nana warns Yoon-sung that the president may have caught on to his identity, and has requested his personnel file.
We hear Jin-pyo drawing his sword-cane, then striking.
When he took out his phone to ward Yoon-sung away from him, gaaaaahhh that just about killed.Lee Jin-Pyo then moves to Thailand with the baby.As I said in the podcast, this drama isnt perfect, and it has plenty of flaws along the way.The man has his own suspicions, but suggests that Choi kept record of it somewhere, since hes scrupulous about keeping ledgers.And for one moment, finally, Jin-pyo looks surprised.The man then warns the president that a man had sought him out asking for information, gamestop games milky bear and Choi guesses that Yoon-sung will seek him out soon.This is just like Yoon-sungs nightmare, except waaay worse.Park Min-Young who works as a bodyguard there.And thenKim Jong-shik wakes up in his hospital bed.But no, hes got to be a goddamned hero, because he jumps in front of Choi instead and takes the bullet through the heart.