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C&c zero hour map editor

c&c zero hour map editor

Where are fan maps stored? .
After you've done that, name it the "CombatZone" (note that it's not in the list, but it is needed).
Author: gamemastax, this tutorial explains how to add AI (Artificial Intelligence) to a multiplayer map, allowing computer players to play on maps effectively.
Move the folder(s) associated with the map(s) you extracted from the temporary location to the Generals or Zero Hour Maps folder within My Documents.C C Generals with The First Decade: C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand Conquer The First DecadeCommand Conquer(tm) GeneralsWorldBuilder.The boundary is an orange square near the edge of your map in World Builder.C: Save (save current map d: Cut (cuts everything in your map into media markt esslingen neckar center the clipboard, allowing you to paste it into another).Here's what I did: (I put a mountain-looking texture on the areas I wanted mountains as a reminder; note: unlike the water tool, you can zoom in/out and move the camera during the placement of areas ) Note that the simplest of ideas are usually.When you start up the game it will have all the supplies in it, assassin's creed director's cut edition (2008) repack by r.g mechanics so continue to put supply docks at the places you want.Then make a flat mountain by using the mound tool and using these settings: Then move/place your water handles (the little blue square things) on the cliff, like so: Next, dig a small hole (about 25 feet) into the middle.Our, basic Tutorial also has some information about this.

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The window below will appear: If you don't see all these folders, go to the Edit- Edit player list menu, and click Add Skirmish Players, then hit.
Information about the Boundary: Everything outside of the boundary will not show up in-game!
This makes it confusing because the terrain height and the water height are using different measurement systems.P: Paint single tile (paints a single square on the terrain map for finer detail).This is probably the fastest/easiest way to see what you need.Adding AI to a Multiplayer Map.Item within our, generals FAQ.Check out this tutorial written by gamemastax.Now let's move.Now that we have done that, we can add buildings.However, if you dig your land to below 16, it will go into the water.