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Can i copy dvds to itunes

can i copy dvds to itunes

In other words, we cant help you, but weve heard rumors that theres someone out there might be able to (nudge nudge, wink wink).
That isnt the case.
Ill just close by noting that the dmca needs to be modified to allow for a range of consumer activities that are clearly fair use.Frequently youll read that its legal to copy DVDs as long as its for personal use only.Apple, on the other hand, will be happy to sell you a variety of television shows (and a much smaller selection of motion pictures) in an iPod compatible format.Prior to the Zune launch Microsofts.Its fine that I can download television shows and movies from iTunes, but Ive already got a huge DVD drama emergency couple episode 11 collection.However, I can assure you that it isnt because Apple doesnt want you converting your DVDs for use on your Ipod.At this point Ive probably already revealed too much.Actually, its not the ripping of DVDs thats the problem, but the fact that most commercial DVDs are copy protected by a DRM scheme known.HandBrake, an open source video conversion tool that seems to fly under the radar because its non-commercial.Far be it from politicians to have a deep understanding of the technology they seek to legislate.

So, what is the owner of a modern, video-enabled, portable media player to do?
You will, of course, consult your attorney before using HandBrake.
However, if you write to their customer support department about this issue youll get a message like this in response: If you are getting a message that the DVD you are trying to backup is copy-protected, this occurs because the DVD is encrypted with CSS.
Allard apparently isnt aware of the dmca.The program handles CSS decryption through an open source decryption library thats used in the popular.Any attempt to break the CSS copy protection is a violation of Federal law.Digital Millennium Copyright Act (dcma) its illegal for Americans to use any method to circumvent copy protection on digital products.We cannot warrant such and do not provide support for such third party ripping software.One of the problems is that the dmca was passed in 1998, and the world has changed quite a bit since then.Mac users will probably want to take a look.And then theres software like, podMaxx, which will rip DVDs, but wont decrypt CSS.CSS decryption is illegal in the US and cannot be distributed with our software.Dear Lopy: Ive got one of those so-called video iPods.