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Arma 2 latest patch

arma 2 latest patch

I've released Dingor.0 an alternative desert version of Lingor Island!
I discovered your Lingor Island a while back and spend hours in simply driving around (or in low flight and I really love it, and I've never seen a island better suited for Warfare than Duala.
Hopefully Vixena became something you will want to visit often.
Other islands will be released in following days as I'm still tweaking settings for them.
Island Panthera for A3 patched.1 Changelog: massive improvement of hills mountains (rock formations) fixed runway markings to correct specs (magnetic azimuth of the runway's heading in decadegrees) set up some basic lightning on streets in bigger towns ice_zoofence warning eliminated replaced couple.Biggest town is Dressen that lies in center.With a help of friends and dedicated A2 community members kaspersky 2012 64 bit chomikuj I'm releasing a long awaited unit pack for Lingor: Lingor Units.0.It features oil derricks, three towns, two army bases, heliport, a presidental palace, a mayor villa, small resort, oil depot and two ports.Please do test and report back if you find any serious issues or bugs.But here it goes: I'm rather dissapointed with the state that Arma 3 is currently.If you're not using these two projects, what are you waiting enjoy, its free *blip* Still alive.Click on the picture to start the download (190 MB 7-zip See you on the battlefield soldier!I'll release asap when work is done on a single project, no dates set yet.It is succesor of aiatp that served well for past years, but it has several advantages and improvements.Pbo removed dependency of CUP Terrains Maps, only CUP Terrains Core is required added runway lights to both main paved airports You can grab it on Steam Arma3 Workshop, Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (241 MB 7-zip Panthera.66 arrives!But it's Panthera that blew me away I think no one's ever captured Central Europe that perfectly in an ArmA map.

I present you Island Panthera with updated lighting and several optimizations.
United Operations kamran, gamer Shell, gamesdot, gamesMonkey.
In the lush green corner, weighting 413 megs, is Lingor Island.4!
Units will be released shorty (along with a top notch Mig-21 fighter/attack plane donated by Wld427 and his Project racs).
Station is on alert for an entire peninsula and of course to react to any airport accidents.Steam Workshop, withSix, lingor Dingor.82!After uprisings due to energy shortages which destabilized the country, gangs began to terrorize the remaining survivors all over Jade Groove.If you already have Project Reality: arma.15 beta installed, you simply need to download and install the.15.16 "Patch".It is year 1976, one year after the war in vietnam ended by the fall of Saigon.New island info added I've added info on islands Lingor Massacra.Download.97 naaoow Changelog: Town Bolabongo upgraded, new Dendala District added final brg_africa.24 fixed grid offset for artillery smoothed out road near Numbo and Ursana new clearing E of Mawimbela near river pass new factory and a farm near Kirabo further improvements to satmap.What is even worse is that I've lost complete source files of the island, but after 1 week of work managed to retrieve all of them from backup and with help of awesome community (Mikero Pennyworth, tnx!).And I promise upcoming projects and updates won't suffer because of a sponsored sixpack or two Kieran, Dave, Armin, Bill thank you guys!