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I knew my will would be victorious! She went down all the way, leaned her upper body on him, and grabbed his face "Get ready to cum a lot Al" taunting him as she shook it up and down his shaft. All the while, she continued to suck on his dick. There is no way he is going to get the satisfaction. I know how we can win this contest! I am not wearing that thing!

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She travels down his body kissing right above his manhood.

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He smiled at this and as for revenge for biting his dick and preventing him from cumming, he pulled out of her, causing her to unintentionally sway her hips, needing more of him. She realized what she was thinking and shook off all to those thoughts "Ugh, he is so The studded ensemble covered her entire body, except for strategically placed cutouts that exposed her nipples and bush. During the whole blowjob, Courtney had held her eyes shut, her lids biting back the tears of humiliation. Who cares if he isn't a movie star anymore?

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