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Four Turtles eat a large amount of pizza and flatulate. Members Donate Contact Us. A newspaper editor continually belittles a younger female reporter, calling her crazy and finally firing her. A woman falls, slammed to a floor in one short fight with a Turtle. Be aware that while we do our best to avoid spoilers it is impossible to disguise all details and some may reveal crucial plot elements. Posted by Hott Joe at 4:

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A drawn human male figure lies in a street, reaching up to a villain that carries an assault rifle; the drawings end and weapons whose users are unseen swing through a dark room in which one small spotlight illuminates on each weapon as it appears; swords slice bricks, apples, and a watermelon in two while a long staff seems to swing itself.

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Oh My God, Oh God. A blurry banquet scene features tall glasses of dark and clear beverages possibly alcohol on tables; no one is shown drinking. Leonardo is the leader of the turtles, so he should at least try to pursue a cheerleader, or I don't know, maybe he should go for an actual turtle, although I guess that would be weird too. Also with William Fichtner and Minae Noji. A woman wears clingy, tight tops that reveal cleavage and emphasize her bosom.

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